What We Do - Complete Industrial Circuit Breaker Services

Supply Industrial Used and Surplus Circuit Breakers & Switchgear From Stock

Electric control stocks thousandss of new, used and surplus circuit breakers and their related switchgear. With over 60 years of experience, we can pull from stock virtually any CB made from 1940 to the present. We work with 480V air breakers and 5KV/15KV air and vacuum breakers. Used circuit breakers can be supplied in new condition with a two-year guarantee, or in electrically OK condition.

Nuclear Services

As a result of over 60 years of high level circuit breaker related work, Electric Control was asked by a large Utility to participate in safety related supply of circuit breakers, and to remanufacture some of their circuit breakers and switchgear.

As a result, there was a perfect union with ATC Nuclear - a qualifier of safety related electrical equipment. The truly high level of Electric Control's remanufacturing process combined with ATC's qualification integrity provides a strong team to support the nuclear industry- remanufacturing and providing circuit breakers, switchgear and parts for all major manufacturers. 480V, 5Kv and 15Kv gear. (Learn more)

Retrofit Existing Circuit Breakers With New Solid State Trip Units

Electric control has completed thousands of retrofits--taking old circuit breakers and upgrading them to today's technology by adding a solid state trip unit. The benefits of adding a solid state trip unit include: increased accuracy, low maintenance, and an extended life. As an OEM supplier for several major manufacturers, Electric Control offers customers a cost-effective choice by allowing them to select the most appropriate trip unit for their needs. It is easy to match up a new CB with your budget and operational size.

General Electric switchgear undergoing a detailed and complete rebuild.

Remanufactured contact arms for a Westinghouse WLI Load Break Switch.

Retrofit With Exchange Program Produces Less Down Time

Electric Control can save you down time by setting up an exchange program. We can pull from our inventory and rebuild and retrofit our breakers ahead of time and ship them to you for exchange. When our circuit rebuilt breakers are put into service, you then send us your old breakers to either be rebuilt or put back into our stock.

For example, Electric Control rebuilt over 120 circuit breakers for a New York City hospital that had limited shutdown ability. Groups of 20 breakers were completed from our stock ahead of time. By cycling their breakers through our shop in this manner, the hospital could shut down and change out one full substation per month. At the end of the job, we put their rebuilt circuit breakers back into our inventory. All breakers are rebuilt to as-new condition and come with a two-year guarantee. Talk to us about facilitating your upgrade and expansion plans.

Complete Substations - Load-Break Switches, Transformers and Switchgear

Electric Control can supply complete substations from stock-including the load-break switch, transformer and all switchgear. And for seamless interchanges, we can match exactly the gear that currently exists in your plant. Talk to us about how we can save you money and delivery time, when compared to new equipment. We even offer a full two-year warranty on all of our parts and systems, a year longer than you will get on new equipment! That way you will have the peace of mind when your system is up and running.

GE, Allis, ITE/ABB, and Westinghouse Circuit Breakers
Various stages during the complete rebuild of a Siemens-Allis MA-250-C1.

Match And Line Up To Existing Switchgear

To expand a line-up and ensure complete interchangeability with all existing circuit breakers, Electric Control can always add an identical section to your existing switchgear. Consult with our engineers about how we can deliver a perfect match for all of your existing relays, wiring and bus work for an easier and more cost-efficient plant expansion. And let us know your scheduling needs, so we can guarantee you will have the parts you need, exactly when you need them. Electric Control will work with your needs to find the perfect fit.

Ground & Test Devices - 5KV/15KV

Get custom builds on virtually any manufacturer's ground and test device from stock: 480V, 5KV and 15KV, 3-pole or 6-pole design, any year, any model or amperage from 1945 to the present. Click For Photo Samples.

Load Break Switches - 5KV/15KV

We can provide 5KV/15KV, indoor or outdoor, fused or non-fused, single stand-alone or complete line-ups of load break switches. The right load break switches are here.

GE, Allis, ITE/ABB, and Westinghouse Circuit Breakers
Refurbishing and rewiring Allis-Chalmers FC-500 switchgear.

Rentals Of Any Circuit Breaker In Stock

Electric Control offers long-term and short-term rentals for any circuit breaker that we have in stock. If you don't want to buy, there is another option.

Thousands OF PARTS - GE, Westinghouse, ITE, Siemens, Federal Pacific And Others

We have literally thousands of parts in stock. All makes and models from 1945 to the present are available from GE, Westinghouse, ITE, and many others. More importantly, we possess the knowledge and experience of more than 60 years in business. Whether you ask for a specific circuit breaker or can only visually describe what you're looking for, we have the answers on the industrial circuit breakers and switchgear you need. You are totally covered, ever time.

Emergency Services 24/7 For Rebuilt Circuit Breakers, Surplus Breakers

Electric Control is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When emergencies do arise, you can count on us for fast and effective solutions, both temporary and permanent. Our 60,000- square-foot factory keeps a vast and updated inventory of rebuilt breakers and switchgear in stock, and in most cases, used and surplus circuit breakers can be shipped the same day. No matter the situation or issue, Electric Control will provide the optimal solution.

S & C 15kV Load Break Switch
A freshly refurbished and repainted S&C Electric 15Kv Load Break Switch waiting for installation of its interior components.
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