Used vs New: Which Circuit Breaker is Best for You?

The concept of used and new change meaning when you work with machinery instead of electronics. Comparing a used and new phone is an easy process comparatively. It ultimately comes down to price in that scenario. With circuit breakers, the thought behind the decision is a little different. So what do you need to know when it comes to used and new circuit breakers?

Used Circuit Breaker Pros and Cons

Depending on what your needs are, a used circuit breaker can be a cheaper long-term option compared to a new circuit breaker. If you are currently working with a much older circuit breaker, this is where the benefits of a used circuit breaker come in handy. Let's suppose that your factory's machinery was all built to work with your circuit breaker. This decision was easy at the time, but now that your circuit breaker needs updated it could be a heavy burden to reconfigure your machines to fit a new circuit breaker. Instead, you can buy a ready-to-go used circuit breaker that will still last for years ahead. This saves your company the cost of rewiring machines, but at the expense of future capabilities. It's a good solution if your business is planning to purchase new machinery in a few years. Then, once that new machinery is installed you can purchase a new circuit breaker and have a more seamless transition.

New Circuit Breaker Pros and Cons

So what are the pros and cons of a new circuit breaker? Well, for starters, it's new! If you are building a new facility or installing new equipment, a new circuit breaker is the natural decision. You also get the benefit of longevity and new capabilities with a new circuit breaker. So are there any cons? Like we stated above, new circuit breakers and old machinery tend to not mix well. It requires plenty of reverse engineering to make the transition smooth. The new parts needed for a new circuit breaker can cost more than a used one.

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