Siemens Tiastar Series IN STOCK

Siemens Tiastar Series MCC Feeder Buckets and Starter Buckets are in stock.  We also house a large amount of parts for Siemens Tiastar Series buckets; everything from stab assemblies, to handle operators, to complete replacement door assemblies.

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Siemens Tiastar Series MCC Bucket Configuration Options & PARTS

- Feeder Buckets, Choice of Fused Disconnect Style, Breaker Style or MCP
- Starter Buckets w/ NEMA Size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 Starters Available
- Reconditioned Internal Components or BRAND NEW Internal Components
- Push Buttons, Indicating Lights, HOA - Hand of Auto Switch, ETM's
- Replacement Parts for your existing Tiastar Series MCC Buckets
- Replacement Parts for your existing  Tiastar Series Motor Control Center
- Vertical Bus Assemblies (300A & 600A)
- Handle Operator Assemblies for Siemens Tiastar MCC
- Stab Assemblies for Siemens Tiastar Series MCC
- Complete Feeder Buckets from 3A - 600A for Tiastar Series MCC
- Parts for Feeder Buckets
- Parts for Starter Buckets
- Complete Starter Buckets fitted with brand new internal components.

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