Motor Control Center (MCC) Buckets

Electric Control, now CBS Northeast, supplies completely remanufactured, and fully tested MCC Buckets and associated parts from all manufacturers.  Electric Control boasts a 60,000 sq ft indoor inventory containing General Electric, Allen Bradley, Allis Chalmers, Cutler Hammer, Westinghouse, Square D, Furnas, Federal Pacific (FPE), ITE, ABB, BBC, Sylvania Clark, and Siemens Motor Control Buckets and parts.

One of the benefits of buying from Electric Control is that we offer remanufactured buckets retrofitted with brand new current vintage internal components.  We can supply from stock to meet your requirements or remanufacture and retrofit your existing buckets with new internal components.

Whether you're looking for a reconditoned bucket, or a remanufactured bucket with new internal components to go into your obsolete motor control center (mcc) you will be provided with a full two year warranty.  This is one year longer than if the equipment were available brand new from the original manufacturer.

Quite possibly the best part about replacing and adding reconditioned and remanufactured MCC Buckets to your existing MCC Verticals is that you will not require any downtime.  The only other option you have is to replace the vertical sections with new equipment.  The time to do this would require lengthly downtime. Not only are remanufactured motor control center buckets an economical choice, it's also a green choice!

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General Electric MCC Buckets
7098 Series
7700 Series
8000 Series
9000/Evolution Series

Allen Bradley MCC Buckets
Bulletin 2100 Centerline Series
Bulletin 798 Series

Federal Pacific (FPE) MCC Buckets
5310 Series
5320 Series

Cutler Hammer MCC Buckets
Freedom 2100 / F-2100 Series
F10 Unitrol Series
9800 Series

Furnas MCC Buckets
Class 89 Series
System 89 Series
Westinghouse MCC Buckets
11-300 Series
5-Star Series
Type - W

Siemens / ITE MCC Buckets
Model 95/95 Plus+
MARQ 21 Series
Tiastar Series
9600 Series
5600/5640/5642 Series
Telemechanique Style

Square D MCC Buckets
Model 3
Model 4
Model 5
Model 6


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