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NAMES: LA, LAF (Fused)
TYPE: Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
MANUFACTURER: Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis
FRAME SIZE: 600A - 4000A


Allis Chalmers began marketing some of the original OEM circuit breakers made right after World War II. Like other manufacturers, these early air breakers were large and mounted on slate boards, which was once considered to be the best non-conductive material. Around 1955, plastic became the best non-conductive material and Allis Chalmers circuit breakers became smaller, smarter and lighter. At the same time, the introduction of electronic trip devices vastly improved the over-current tripping system. The Allis Chalmers circuit breaker division eventually was purchased by Siemens Allis and in the 70's, Siemens Allis purchased Allis Chalmers and continued the LA and LAF lines of circuit breakers and solid-state trip units. Today, Siemens Allis is one of the premier manufacturers of air circuit breakers.

Allis Chalmers circuit breakers come in the following sizes: 600 amp frame size, LA-25, LA-25A, LA-600, and, LA-600A. 1600 amp frame Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis air circuit breakers were LA-50, LA-50A, LA-600, LA-1600A, 3000 amp frame size, LA-75, LA-75A, LA-3000, LA-3000A, and 4000 amp frame size, LA-100, LA-100A, LA-4000 and LA-4000A. Fused models (so designated by the "F" in their name include the LAF-600/A, LAF-800/A, LAF-1600/A AND LAF-3000/A.

Electric Control also stocks all of the original Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis trip devices. G style circuit breakers, as well as the early style LA-15, LA-25, LA-50, and LA-75 breakers were all manufactured with electro-mechanical series overload trip devices, and we have OEM units including: LimiTrip, Dual-Static, Model-1A, StaticTrip I, Static Trip II and StaticTrip III.

Newer style Allis-Chalmers LA and LAF breakers were all manufactured with electronic trip units, and we can also upgrade any of these breakers with new style retrofit kits such as those from AC-PRO.

Electric Control stocks complete lines of Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis circuit breakers from 1945 to the present, along with an extensive parts inventory. Models in stock include:

  • LA-25600 AMP
  • LA-25A600 AMP
  • LA-501600 AMP
  • LA-50A1600 AMP
  • LA-753000 AMP
  • LA-75A3000 AMP
  • LA-600600 AMP
  • LA-600A600 AMP
  • LA-600B600 AMP
  • LA-800800 AMP
  • LA-800A800 AMP
  • LA-800B800 AMP
  • LA-16001600 AMP
  • LA-1600A1600 AMP
  • LA-1600B1600 AMP
  • LA-30003000 AMP
  • LA-3000A3000 AMP
  • LA-32003200 AMP
  • LA-3200A3200 AMP
  • LA-40004000 AMP
  • LA-4000A4000 AMP
  • LAF-600600 AMP
  • LAF-600A600 AMP
  • LAF-800800 AMP
  • LAF-800A800 AMP
  • LAF-16001600 AMP
  • LAF-1600A1600 AMP
  • LAF-30003000 AMP
  • LAF-3000A3000 AMP

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