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NAMES: AK-1, 2, 3 - 15/25/50/75/100
TYPE: Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
MANUFACTURER: General Electric
FRAME SIZE: 225A - 4000A

DESCRIPTION: With the introduction of the AK line in 1951, General Electric circuit breakers became smaller, faster and far more reliable than their earlier AL counterparts. These models featured electro-mechanical trip units and plastic pole bases, changes that poured a wealth of remanufactured circuit breakers into the supply line, and GE continued to make them for the next 25 years. These models included: 600A breakers AK-1-25, AK-2-25, AK-2A-25, AK-3A-35, AK-4A-25, AK-5A-25 and AK-6A-25. 1600A breakers AK-1-50, AK-2-50, AK-2A-50, AK-3A-50, AK-4A-50, AK-5A-50, AK-6A-50 and the AK-2A-50S high-speed device. At this time, GE also introduced a 2,000A frame size with the GE AKT-2-50, and 3,000A frame size including the GE AK-1-75, AK-2-75, AK-2A-75, AK-3A-75 AK-4A-75 and AK-5A-75. The largest circuit breakers made during this time period (1955-1986), were the GE AK-1-100, AK-2-100, AK-2A-100, AK-3A-100 and AK-4A-100.

AK = Power Circuit Breaker Equipment
D = Drawout circuit breaker construction

Manufactured 1951 - 1975, all bolted copper bus design, all breakers drawout, AK-1, 2, 3 - 15 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100.

4000A max bus rating, 4 levels of bus, ring bus used in all feeder sections, main bus has provisions for future extension, sections in outdoor construction did not line up in the front, indoor construction has extended frames to allow the fronts of the sections to align. Indoor depths 49" (225 / 600A breakers), 59" (1600A breakers), 63" (3200 / 4000A breakers). Breakers had ratcheting drawout mechanism - open door drawout. Painted ANSI 61 light gray, manufactured in Philadelphia 1951 - mid-60's, Burlington Mid-60's - 1975. Breaker compartment was a welded assembly, equipment frame was bolted. Breaker boxes were stacked to make a vertical section with equipment frame around the breaker boxes. No bus compartment barriers, open bus design. Ring silver plating on bolted connections.


AKS: Stationary version of AKD, manufactured 1951 - 60's


AKD-5: Manufactured 1960 - 1977, aluminum bus with “flash-butt welded" copper to aluminum at bolted connections. AK-2A, 3A -25 / 50 / T50 / 75 / 100 (“A" signifies AKD-5 drawout). Pull-lanyard drawout mechanism on early design, replaced by single jackscrew mechanism and then replaced by double jack-screw mechanism. Closed-door drawout with inner house breaker compartment. 60" deep frame with 18" extension option. Outdoor protected aisle uses 60" deep indoor frame. Two bus levels available, ring bus used at 4000A. Welded / riveted frame, bus compartment barriers, line/load separation barriers on mains and ties, isolation barriers on transformer transitions, copper runbacks on feeder breakers, ring silver plating on copper, aluminum bus unplated (welded connections). Painted sand gray (beige), some instrument doors painted blue. AKR-30/50 in 22" wide sections introduced in AKD-5 construction in the early 70's.


AKD-6: Manufactured in Salisbury, NC 1977 - 1981. Some AKD-5 construction built in Salisbury '75 - '77 and nameplated as AKD-6. No flash-butt welded aluminum to copper. Aluminum bus is tin plated and bolted at shipping splits (welded everywhere else). Copper bus design has ring silver plating at bolted joints. Introduced AKR-75 / 100. Stab-and-finger connections on 3200 and 4000A breakers versus round primary disconnect on AKD-5. Uses inner-house drawout breaker compartment. Tuning fork primary disconnect (extrusion) on 800 - 2000A breaker compartments. Copper feeder breaker runbacks. 60" deep frames with 18" optional rear extension. Painted ANSI 61 light gray. Breakers have ECS or SST trip units.


AKD-8: Manufactured 1981 to present. Model 1 & 2 has extruded vertical bus. Model 2 introduced in 1983 to accommodate automated wiring programs and harness routing. Model 3 introduced in 1991 using flat bar vertical bus. Breakers use MicroVersa Trip 9, RMS9, EPIC, MVT Plus, MVT PM trip units. Aluminum bus removed from design in 1996 in favor of standard tin-plated copper bus (silver plating optional). Field convertible space compartment design added to allow empty compartments to be modified to functioning breaker compartment without modifications to vertical bus.


AKD-10: Introduced March 1998 as the successor to AKD-8. Manufactured along with AKD-8 for 1998 and 1999. Uses only WavePro low voltage power circuit breakers. Same dimensions as AKD-8. Only changes from AKD-8 are in the front breaker compartment - new drawout rails, breaker door, secondary disconnects instrument panel. No need for Remote Display for trip unit since WavePro breaker has trip unit in the escutcheon. AKD-10 can match & line-up with AKD-8 without a transition (for indoor and outdoor construction). Same bus structure, frame, options, layouts and breaker stacking as AKD-8.


Entellisys: Introduced October 2005 as a new platform for low voltage switchgear. Uses non-automatic EntelliGuard breakers (similar to WavePro except no current sensors, no trip unit, and limited accessories). Entellisys uses redundant components for highest reliability and maximum up-time. Redundant CPU's perform all protection, metering, control, and monitoring functions. Other redundant components of the system include 2 UPS's, 2 network communication switches for internal communication, 2 control power throwover relays, 2 control power sources (120vAC). Each breaker cubicle is provided with an EntelliGuard Messenger, which is the interface between the CPU's and the circuit breaker operating mechanisms. The Messenger performs A/D and D/A conversions plus provides back-up overcurrent protection for the breaker if all control power and communications are lost. Equipment construction is the same as AKD-10 switchgear (frame, bussing, drawout cubicles, etc.). Entellisys does not replace AKD-10. Both product lines are currently being produced.

Currently, General Electric markets the EntelliGuard, Wavepro and Power/Vac Series of circuit breakers, delivering a completely new technology to switchgear. Electric Control stocks complete lines of GE circuit breakers from 1951 to the present, along with an extensive parts inventory. Models in stock include:

  • AK-1-1004000 AMP
  • AK-1-25600 AMP
  • AK-1-501600 AMP
  • AK-1-753000 AMP
  • AK-2-1004000 AMP
  • AK-2-25600 AMP
  • AK-2-501600 AMP
  • AK-2-753000 AMP
  • AK-2A-1004000 AMP
  • AK-2A-25600 AMP
  • AK-2A-501600 AMP
  • AK-2A-753000 AMP
  • AK-3-1004000 AMP
  • AK-3-15225 AMP
  • AK-3-25600 AMP
  • AK-3-501600 AMP
  • AK-3-753000 AMP
  • AK-3A-1004000 AMP
  • AK-3A-25600 AMP
  • AK-3A-501600 AMP
  • AK-3A-753000 AMP
  • AK-4A-1004000 AMP
  • AK-4A-25600 AMP
  • AK-4A-501600 AMP
  • AK-4A-753000 AMP
  • AK-5A-1004000 AMP
  • AK-5A-25600 AMP
  • AK-5A-501600 AMP
  • AK-5A-753000 AMP
  • AK-6A-1004000 AMP
  • AK-6A-25600 AMP
  • AK-6A-501600 AMP
  • AK-6A-753000 AMP

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