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TYPE: Low Voltage Circuit Breaker
MANUFACTURER: Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer
FRAME SIZE: 600A - 4000A


Federal Pacific was one of the very first circuit breaker and switchgear suppliers in the mid-1940s. They offered a 480V draw-out series (DMB), which was followed by the FP series, and ultimately the FPS models with the "S" indicating the inclusion of a solid-state tripe device. Federal also produced air breakers at 15KV and 5KV.

At one point in history, Federal Pacific was one of the largest providers of residential and industrial circuit breakers in the United States. Electric Control's large inventory of breakers and growing library of historical records, card files and drawings affords us everything we need to help customers determine whether they need replacement parts, repairs, remanufactured components or retrofit upgrades for their ailing Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer equipment.

Located in Newark, New Jersey, Federal Pacific switchgear eventually was sold to Federal Pioneer in Canada, and north-of-the-border models are so designated with an "S" in the model number such as FPS-25. Federal Pioneer also introduced its own "H" line of circuit breakers, including the 25H2, 50H2, 75H2 and the 4000A 100H2. When model numbers began to contain a "3" instead of a "2" it signified the inclusion of a solid-state trip unit.

Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer circuit breakers come in the following sizes: 600 amp frame size FP-25 AND FPS-25. 800 amp frame size FP-50-800A and FPS-4-30. 1600 amp Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer breakers were the FP-50, FPS-50 and FPS-5-50; 2000 amp frame size the FP-50-2000A and FPS-5-65; 3000 amp frame size the FP-75, FPS-75 and FPS-5-75. Finally, the 4000 amp frame size models were the FP-100, FPS-100 and FPS-5-100.

Electric Control stocks complete lines of Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer circuit breakers from 1945 to the present, along with an extensive parts inventory. Models in stock include:

  • FP-1004000 AMP
  • FP-25600 AMP
  • FP-501600 AMP
  • FP-50-2000A2000 AMP
  • FP-50-800A800 AMP
  • FP-753000 AMP
  • FPS-1004000 AMP
  • FPS-25600 AMP
  • FPS-501600 AMP
  • FPS-753000 AMP
  • FPS-4-30800 AMP
  • FPS-5-1004000 AMP
  • FPS-5-501600 AMP
  • FPS-5-652000 AMP
  • FPS-5-753000 AMP

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