Our Circuit Breaker Rebuild and Inspection Process

Our Procedure for Rebuilding Circuit Breakers

All circuit breakers and switchgear are completely rebuilt and tested in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Complete disassembly
  • Inspection of each part for physical and electrical integrity.
  • Close inspection of the arcing and main contacts. Replace or machine per manufacturer's specifications.
  • Worn or damaged mechanism, frame or racking parts replaced.
  • All electrical parts tested, replaced as needed, repainted and reinsulated.
  • Manufacturer paint matched and breaker repainted.
  • Arc chutes inspected, replaced or repaired as needed.
  • Wiring inspected and replaced if needed using the manufacturer's original wiring diagram.
  • All wiring is inspected for proper tie wraps.
  • Lubricate using Mobil 1 oil and Mobil 28 grease. Unless manufacturer specifications are required.
  • Reassembled and adjusted according to manufacturers specifications.
  • All breakers are inspected for loose bolts after assembly.
  • All breakers will be in equal to new condition with a 2 year guarantee on all parts and workmanship.

ITE 5-HV-250 ground-and-test devices in final assembly stage.

A Cutler-Hammer 150-VCPW-500 circuit breaker.

Our Electrical Tests Include:

  • Measure contact resistance across main contacts and all current carrying parts.
  • Perform nominal, minimum and maximum voltage tests on the charging motor, close/trip coils and relays.
  • Test continuity across all switches and auxiliary contacts.
  • If charging motor is used, inspect the brushes and replace as needed.
  • Perform insulation resistance test on electrical wiring per manufacturers specifications or NETA standards.
  • Perform insulation resistance test on all current carrying parts as specified by the manufacturer or NETA standards.
  • Perform an over-potential test on all phases as specified by the manufacturer or NETA standards (MV only).
  • Breakers are required to charge, close and trip a minimum of 10 times.
  • Anti-pump functions are tested as required.
  • Trip units are secondary injected for proper function of all settings per manufacturer's specifications (LV only).
  • Circuit breakers are primary injected on each phase with low voltage/high current to properly test the protective circuit. This includes testing of the trip unit, CT's, wiring and actuator. All functions are tested including ground fault, long time, short time and instantaneous functions. All tests are compared to manufacturer's trip time curves and specifications (LV only).

All worn parts to be replaced; broken or missing parts to be replaced. All breaker rebuilt as supplied will be in equal to new condition with a two year guarantee.

ITE 5-HK-250
ITE 5-HK-250 ground-and-test device ready for crating.
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