Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Electric Control Equipment Company been in business?

Electric Control was founded over 60 years ago in Norwalk, CT.

How can you fulfill my request for an outmoded, outdated circuit breaker?

Our Seymour, CT, plant houses over 60,000 square feet of inventory and shop space, shipping products both domestically and worldwide. We can fulfill any requirements for custom and remanufactured switchgear, all related circuit breakers, ground and test devices, parts, rentals and emergency work.

Electric Control stocks thousands of circuit breakers and their related switchgear. We can pull from stock virtually any circuit breaker made from 1945 to the present. We work with 480V air breakers and 5KV/15KV air and vacuum breakers. Rebuilt circuit breakers can be supplied in equal to new condition with a 2-year guarantee.

What if I need a circuit breaker after hours and need it to be shipped soon?

Electric Control is at your service around the clock, seven days a week. When emergencies do arise, you can count on us for fast and effective resolutions to your electrical switchgear problems, both temporary and permanent. Our factory keeps a vast and updated inventory in stock, and in most cases, parts and breakers can be shipped on the same day.

Which circuit breaker/switchgear manufacturers do you represent?

Electric Control maintains its leadership position by successfully supplying major industrial companies around the globe with new, used and remanufactured circuit breakers and switchgear.

Members of our professional team are always available to assist you with your Siemens-Allis, General Electric, ABB, ITE, Federal Pacific, Cutler–Hammer and Westinghouse manufacturer questions.

We are dedicated to helping you with any of your issues regarding Siemens–Allis, General Electric, ABB, ITE, Federal Pacific, Cutler–Hammer and Westinghouse circuit breakers and switchgear. We have over 60 years of global experience in retrofitting and remanufacturing circuit breakers and switchgear.

Who are some of the clients/industries you have served?

Clients include large industrials, commercial operations, electrical distribution facilities, all utilities including nuclear and the entire government/state/municipal sector.

How can I be sure the refurbished switchgear and circuit breakers will last?

Our Quality Assurance Policy states: "Electric Control, Inc. and its employees will meet or exceed our customers' expectations by providing products and services that are free from defects and delivered on time as promised. Electric Control, Inc. and its employees also pledge to maintain an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement."

And we have the best warranty in the business: We have been doing successful circuit breaker and switchgear projects for over 35 years, and to show just how confident we are in our work, Circuit Breaker Sales NE offers a full two-year warranty on everything we do. That's a full year longer than anyone else in the business!

How far back do you work on circuit breakers? To what year?

Our inventory spans from pre-War, or the early 1940s to the Present.

Can you ship internationally? Do you work with European switchgear and circuit breakers?

Yes. We have dedicated team members that handle international business and we work on all circuit breakers and switchgear irrespective of their country of origin.

Do you do substation work? Load break switches, transformers and switchgear?

Electric Control delivers the strength of Group CBS's 17 diverse companies as the authoritative source for all industrial and commercial electrical equipment. With nearly 200,000 square feet of inventory and shop services, we are the undeniable go-to source for all of your circuit breaker, switchgear, load break switch, transformer and all other electrical distribution needs.

Can you match up to my existing switchgear?

Absolutely! Whether matching your existing switchgear or manufacturing a fully customized solution to your exact specifications, our machine shop and top-flight staff offer over 35 years' experience with switchgear lineups of any size and/or vintage.

Do you have spare parts?

We are the largest resource for hard-to-find parts. Parts are in stock and ready to go for the best prices and the fastest turnaround time across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. At Electric Control, we have literally thousands and thousands of parts in stock for all of the circuit breakers, switchgear and other electrical equipment that we sell—and our sales staff and shop technicians have the extensive knowledge to help you define exactly what you need. All new, used, surplus and hard-to-find parts, are completely remanufactured to equal-to-new condition.

  • Molded Case Breaker Parts
  • Insulated Case Breaker Parts
  • Low Voltage Breaker, Motor Control & Switchgear Parts
  • Medium Voltage Breaker, Motor Control & Switchgear Parts
  • Load Break Switch Parts
  • Instrumentation & Relaying

Is there around the clock, 24/7 services for switchgear and circuit breakers?

Electric Control's field service teams provide on-site 24/7 emergency repair/recovery services. We can repair on-site, at our 200,000-square foot facility in Seymour, CT, or we can fully replace your circuit breakers, switchgear and other equipment and have you back online quickly and safely.

Electric Control — Trusted by Companies Worldwide

Our knowledge and experience makes it possible for us to provide superior service to all new and existing clients. We offer quick and efficient solutions to your Siemens–Allis, General Electric, ABB, ITE, Federal Pacific, Cutler–Hammer and Westinghouse switchgear manufacturer issues.

Electric Control — Satisfied Customers

Our expert staff offers the fastest worldwide service when you need to buy circuit breakers, and with replacing circuit breakers, circuit breaker switchgear application and maintenance, maintenance switchgear and manufacturer switchgear.

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