CBS Timelapse Video Playlist

Get a quick glimpse into how the CBS warehouse assembles, wires and disassembles complicated circuit breaker machines.

Complete disassembly of a Westinghouse DS-206 by a Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc. technician.

Circuit Breaker Sales technician Toribio Gomez assembles a Westinghouse DS-206 from a table full of parts in this time-lapse video.

Circuit Breaker Sales Co. technician Toribio Gomez wires a General Electric AKR-75 circuit breaker during the CBS remanufacturing process.

The General Electric AL-2-50, first manufactured around the middle of the 20th century, is the grandfather to the AK, AKR, and Wavepro lines. CBS technicians remanufacture this breaker to go back into service like it was brand new. Watch as our intrepid technician bravely disassembles half a century of wear and oxidation. Will he succeed? Of course he will; he works for Circuit Breaker Sales.

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