Siemens Allis Circuit Breakers – A Timeline

Siemens Allis Circuit Breakers, formerly known as Allis Chalmers Circuit Breakers were one of the original large manufactures that pioneered the circuit breaker industry. Allis Chalmers, with their 480 volt circuit breakers and also 5KV and 15 KV circuit breakers, follow all of the basic progressions of the circuit breaker industry.

Early Allis Chalmers

The early Allis Chalmers 480 volt breakers were mounted on large pieces of slate and featured dashpot/sucker disc trip units. Allis Chalmers breakers range in sizes from a 225 amp frame to a 5000 amp frame. In the 1950’s, Allis Chalmers circuit breakers changed dramatically with newly discovered plastic and glastic materials. They became smaller, lighter, and smarter. In the 1970’s Siemens Allis purchased Allis Chalmers and continued the LA line of circuit breaker and introduced various solid state trip units. Today, Siemens Allis is one of the premier manufacturers of air circuit breakers.

Modern Siemens Allis and Industrial Switchgear

Allis Chalmers also made 5KV and 15KV air circuit breakers. Both were solenoid operated, and became motor operated in the late 70’s. Siemens Allis took over the MA line of air breakers; today, they produce a current line of Siemens Allis Vacuum circuit breakers-rated from 1200 amp to 3000 amp. The Siemens Allis current GMI model is a popular line; Circuit Breaker Sales NE carries all lines of Siemens Allis! Contact us today with any inquiries!

Siemens – Powering the New World Trade Center

Siemens is one of our most trusted brands of switchgear here at Circuit Breaker Sales NE. Our facility houses various models, parts, and replacement units made by Siemens. The new World Trade center will include restaurants, an observation deck, and broadcast facilities. This will require quite an enormous amount of power, not to mention an intricate circuit breaker network!

As stated in the article; “Upon completion in 2013, 1 World Trade Center……will also include Siemens electrical power distribution products in 42 separate runs totaling 4,735 feet of power distribution bus way and circuit protection (breakers and switches) used in the service and distribution switchboards”.

Siemens Circuit Breakers

When constructing something so large, providing power can be accomplished in a plethora of ways. As this article points out (and we at CBSNE agree) the most important element of construction is not only building the proper pathways and mixing high, medium and low voltage units, it is imperative to provide circuit protection. This large amount of power needs to remain secure, under control and be checked regularly in order for the facility to operate smoothly.
Another important part of power systems not regularly discussed is the need for a proper emergency ventilation system. In the event of a fire or short circuit, proper air circulation can make a critical situation less dangerous if the proper channels are in place for smoke or fire to vent. CBSNE not only retrofits units, we ensure that the placement of your new refurbished circuit breaker is up to code as well.

Ventilation and Surge Protection Should Always be Considered

The World Trade Center is a long awaited accomplishment for many Americans. Siemens is providing an intricate system of circuit breaker equipment and Siemens switchgear to power the complex once it is finished. Circuit Breaker Sales NE houses thousands of Siemens units and replacement parts and has retrofitted hundreds of industrial circuit breaker units with Siemens equipment over the years. Siemens is reliable; one of the most trusted brands in switchgear, but it takes highly trained professionals to map out a power system. Circuit breakers need to be retrofitted correctly, ventilation areas should be properly conducted, and circuit protection should be set in place as well.

CBSNE has years of experience with the industrial circuit breaker installation. Contact us for a quote; we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We look forward to hearing from you!

Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis 5KV and 15KV Circuit Breakers

Early 15 KV and 5 KV Allis Chalmers vertical lift air breakers had six stabs protruding from the top of the circuit breaker. These early am breakers required a lifting mechanism in the cell, to lock them on to. Early vintages were AM-50-600 amp, AM-75, AM-150 A, B, C, D, and AM-250 A, B, C, D. Circuit Breaker Sales NE has these models available in our extensive warehouse.

Allis Chalmers in the 1950’s

The Allis Chalmers breakers manufactured in the late 1950’s became horizontal draw out air breakers. This made them much more reliable to rack in and out of switchgear. The Allis Chalmers corporation merged with Siemens Allis and produced the following circuit breaker models for 5kv and 15 Kv units: MA250, MA-250B, MA-250C, MA-250C1.

Siemens Allis Switchgear Models

15 Kv Siemens Allis circuit breakers were FC-500, FC-500A, FC-500A1, and FC-500B, FC-750 A1, and FC-1000B. These breakers; 5Kv and 15 Kv were manufactured in 1200 amp, 2000 amp and 3000 amp. Siemens Allis produced two generations of vacuum circuit breakers beginning in the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. The earlier generations of switchgear produced by Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis were 5Kv, 5-3AF-250, 5-3AF-350. 15 Kv Siemens vacuum breakers were 15-3AF-500. The 3 AF was followed by the Siemens Allis GMI vacuum breaker. The varying types were: 5-GMI-250, 5-GMI-350, 15-GMI-500, 15-GMI-750, and 15-GMI-1000.

Switchgear by Siemens/Allis available at Circuit Breaker Sales NE
All of these earlier models and more are available for purchase from Circuit Breaker Sales NE. Our specialty is retrofitting units to ensure your facility is never without power. Our specially trained staff has years of experience with all makes and models and our switchgear equipment replacement program guarantees practically zero down time while your switchgear is being updated! Contact us 24 hours a day and seven days a week with an inquiry!

A Historical Outlook of Allis Chalmers Circuit Breakers and Siemens Allis Circuit Breakers

Allis Chalmers – The Beginning of the Brand

Allis Chalmers air breakers were one of the original OEM breakers made right after World War II. Like other circuit breakers manufactured at the time, these early air breakers were large and mounted on slate boards, which was once considered to be the best non-conductive material.

Circuit Breaker Sales NE was founded around this time and began purchasing these units. To this day our warehouse is stocked with early and hard to find units which can easily be used to retrofit or replace your company’s current breakers.

Early Allis Chalmers circuit breakers came in various sizes, including G-25 and G-25a, 600 a, G-50 and G-50a, G-100 and G-100a, 1600 a, and G-75 and G-75 a in 3000 amp frame size.

The Plastic Revolution and Solid State Trip Units

Around 1955, plastics became the best non-conductive material and Allis Chalmers circuit breakers became smaller, smarter, and lighter. The over-current tripping mechanism also improved. The Allis Chalmers circuit breaker division was eventually purchased by Siemens Allis. Circuit Breaker Sales NE carries both early and current makes and models of all Allis Chalmers/Siemens Allis switchgear.

Allis Chalmers circuit breakers come in the following sizes: 600 amp frame size, LA-25, LA-25A, LA-600, and, LA-600A. 1600 amp frame Allis Chalmers / Siemens Allis air circuit breakers were LA-50, LA-50A, LA-600, LA-1600A, 3000 amp frame size, LA-75, LA-75A, LA-3000, LA-3000A, and 4000 amp frame size, LA-100, LA-100A, LA-4000, and LA-4000A. CBSNE houses all of these models and if your company requires a particular size not in our inventory, we can obtain this for you!

Siemens Allis Today

The 1980’s brought in a generation of Siemens Allis circuit breakers that is still made today – the RL circuit breakers: RL-800 / 800 amp frame, RL-1600 / 1600 amp frame, RL-3200 / 3200 amp frame, and RL-4000 / 4000 amp frame. Siemens Allis remains a consistent and popular choice for circuit breakers and switchgear. Though the company may have switched hands and slightly changed its name, the products have always spoken for themselves. Siemens Allis circuit breakers are some of the most reliable products on the market today.

Contact us here at Circuit Breaker Sales NE for all of your switchgear and circuit breaker needs! We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

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