Circuit Breaker Rebuild and Inspection Process


All circuit breakers and switchgear are completely rebuilt and tested in accordance with the following procedure:

• Complete disassembly
• Inspection of each part for physical and electrical integrity.
• Close inspection of the arcing and main contacts. Can replace or machine per manufacturer’s specifications.
• Worn or damaged mechanism, frame or racking parts replaced.
• Testing all electrical parts, replacing as needed, repainting and reinsulating.
• Manufacturer paint matched and breaker repainted.
• Arc chutes inspected, replaced or repaired as needed.
• Wiring inspected and replaced. If needed, using the manufacturer’s original wiring diagram.
• All wiring is inspected for proper tie wraps.
• Lubricate using Mobil 1 oil and Mobil 28 grease. Unless manufacturer specifications are required.
• Reassembled and adjusted according to manufacturers’ specifications.
• All breakers are inspected for loose bolts after assembly.
• All breakers will be in equal-to-new condition with a 2-year guarantee on all parts and workmanship.


• Measure contact resistance across main contacts and all current carrying parts.
• Complete nominal, minimum and maximum voltage tests on the charging motor, close/trip coils and relays.
• Test continuity across all switches and auxiliary contacts.
• If charging motor is used, inspect the brushes and replace as needed.
• Perform insulation resistance test on electrical wiring per manufacturers’ specifications or NETA standards.
• Do insulation resistance test on all current carrying parts as specified by the manufacturer or NETA standards.
• Perform an over-potential test on all phases as specified by the manufacturer or NETA standards (MV only).
• Breakers are required to charge, close and trip a minimum of 10 times.
• Anti-pump functions are tested as required.
• Trip units are secondary injected for proper function of all settings per manufacturers’ specifications (LV only).
• Circuit breakers are primary injected on each phase with low voltage/high current to properly test the protective circuit. This includes testing of the trip unit, CT’s, wiring and actuator. All functions are tested including ground fault, long time, short time and instantaneous functions. All tests are compared to manufacturer’s trip time curves and specifications (LV only).

No matter the current shape or state of your circuit breaker, at Circuit Breaker Sales NE we have the solution. All worn parts to be replaced; broken or missing parts will be switched out as well. All breaker rebuilds as supplied will be in equal-to-new condition with a two-year guarantee!

Electric control Merger Changes the Future of Circuit Breakers

When two great entities merge into one, both the newly formed company and the consumer benefit. It is no different in the world of circuit breakers.

After over half a century serving the refurbished and rebuilt circuit breaker demand across the country, Electric Control Equipment Company has decided to merge with another industry-leading company.

Electric Control and Circuit Breaker Sales NE are two of the largest switchgear companies. We have merged to create a company with more parts, resources, customer care, and positive results. The new facility encompasses over 200,000 square feet, with the largest breaker rebuild shop on the East Coast!

Owner of Electric Control, Dan Kahn wants all of the existing and future customers to know that this merger will only add to your experience working with us. The customer will see more savings and easier accessibility to the parts and breakers you are looking for.

“I truly look forward to speaking with you soon about your needs and the many new opportunities I have to offer you when it comes to circuit breakers, switchgear, and their related parts and services,” said Dan Kahn of Electric Control.

The merger is only the beginning of what’s to come. The final touches are being put on an additional 30,000 square feet facility in Waterbury, CT, which will make up the Power Controls Division. The facility will sell motor control centers, molded case circuit breakers, and insulated case breakers.

For all your circuit breaker and switchgear services, contact Dan at Circuit Breaker Sales NE, Inc. today!

The Value of Circuit Breaker Evaluation

When your car breaks down or you have an accident, you don’t run out and buy a new one, you take it in for an estimate and have it repaired. If your smart, you also bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance and check-ups to ensure your car will not face larger issues down the road. We recommend you treat your circuit breakers, network protectors, load break switches and contactors with the same care! By doing so, you protect your circuit breaker system from malfunctioning or breaking down. Furthermore, giving you the peace of mind that you will be able to run business as usual with no hiccups or setbacks due to lack of power in your facility.

When an industrial or commercial circuit breaker fails the replacement cost can be astronomical. Whether it’s a lone General Electric AK Series circuit breaker, a couple of Westinghouse contactors, a large piece of switchgear loaded with Cutler-Hammer DS breakers, a group of Siemens ground & test devices or a lineup of Square D load break switches, no matter the manufacturer sooner or later your electrical equipment will require either maintenance or repair. By keeping up with your breaker systems, “health” you can avoid frequent failure. That’s why Circuit Breaker Sales NE offers industry-leading, rapid evaluation and repair services for all of you industrial and commercial electrical gear.

CBSNE is a consortium of circuit breaker experts with decades of knowledge and experience gained from working closely with the manufacturers themselves. We are well-versed in dealing with Westinghouse, Allis Chalmers, Siemens Allis, Federal Pacific/Federal Pioneer, General Electric, ITE/ABB and Cutler Hammer among others. We understand functions, types, components, voltage ratings, ampere ratings, ampere interrupting capacity, testing, electrical arc, effects of current flow, thermal energy, magnetic trip elements and every other detail behind the proper functioning of all your circuit breakers and associated electrical equipment.

You can send your equipment to us here at CBSNE or we can arrange shipping for you if necessary. Once we receive your circuit breaker(s) or other equipment, we will test and evaluate it free of charge and provide you with a copy of an industry certified test report and a detailed quote for the item’s repair. Our expert technicians will indicate whether any new or replacement parts – such as vacuum interrupters, bottles, trip units, relays, coils, etc. – are needed, whether the item should be completely remanufactured or reconditioned, or if a simple clean, lube adjust, and test is all that’s required. Remember, the initial evaluation and test report is completely free of charge and applying periodic maintenance to aging equipment is an essential to avoiding a failure.

CBSNE takes pride in our ability to help the customer keep their power on through a breaker repair affordably in an industry where replacement costs are so high; we offer a free service designed to have you up and running quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Through our exchange and rental programs, we also can provide you with a working piece of equipment while your is in the shop! Finally, don’t forget to consider evaluation services for any of your mothballed and extra electrical equipment currently not being used. There is tremendous value in having us evaluate and repair this gear for you to use as a spare, often alleviating costly emergency situations by having a fully operational piece of equipment on hand. Contact us today with any questions or concerns about your circuit breaker system!

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