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Here at Circuit Breaker Sales NE being that we have one of the largest inventories of circuit breakers, over 200,000 square feet we also have one of the largest inventories of circuit breaker parts as well.

Parts are created from rebuilding circuit breakers for customers. When you have to supply breakers in equal to new condition, often we have to use a circuit breaker part from another breaker we have in stock. This creates parts breakers that we have in stock that we can now take other parts from.

GE, ABB, Siemens-Allis and Cutler Hammer circuit breaker parts are very popular, especially on older obsolete models of switchgear, which now need to be rebuilt to re-new the gear.

Common parts that need to be replaced over time on circuit breakers that we stock are main contacts, charging motors, primary disconnects and secondary disconnects.

Many switchgear parts need to be replaced too, such as shutter assemblies, group straps, racking mechanisms and fuse blocks.

For more information on our stock of circuit breaker parts, contact CBSNE today!

Used CB – GE

Outdoor Switchgear

Industrial switchgear is manufactured to handle a variety of voltages. It can be located inside or outside of a facility. Putting your switchgear outside increases the useable space within a facility, but the equipment must be built specifically to avoid problems associated with being exposed to the elements.

ABB switchgear is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of outdoor switchgear and recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities to handle the rising demand for outdoor switchgear.

Circuit Breaker Sales NE has a 60,000 square foot warehouse that stocks many different models and styles of outdoor switchgear, from many different manufacturers. ABB, General Electric, Cutler Hammer, ITE, and Allis Chambers are a few of the manufacturers we stock.

We have, in our inventory, outdoor switchgear dating back to the 1940s, the beginning of the switchgear industry. CBSNE provides outdoor switchgear and related equipment to industrial users, hospitals, airports, and large institutions worldwide.

ABB continues to manufacture outdoor switchgear originally built by ITE in the 1970s. CBSNE carries outdoor switchgear from many different manufacturers.

What separates CBSNE from the competition is our team of technicians dedicated to exceptional customer service and quick response. All of our work is guaranteed for two years, 1 year longer than most original manufacturers’ guarantees.

CBSNE is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet any request for outside switchgear in the United States or abroad. You can count on CBSNE’s extensive experience to resolve any question or problem you may have quickly and efficiently.

From ITE to ABB – Reliability since the 1940’s

The evolution of ITE circuit breakers as they became ABB circuit breakers began back in the 1940’s when ITE was one of the first premier circuit breaker manufacturers. What makes ITE Circuit breakers so special is the fact that they have been bought and sold numerous times, but they continue to manufacture top of the line circuit breakers and switchgear.

ITE circuit breakers began major manufacturing during the second world war, similar to their competitors General Electric and Westinghouse. Their breakers were mounted on large pieces of slate. Those breakers were called KA 225 amp frame, KB 600 amp, KC 1600 amp, KD 3000 amp, and KE 4000 amp circuit breakers. Early on, ITE realized that they could supply circuit breakers to other companies that would manufacture switchgear/or circuit breaker cells only. This was one of the ways the companies began the distribution of the ITE circuit breaker line. ITE was the largest OEM supplier of circuit breakers to other “tin knockers” aka ‘off brand’ switchgear companies. Some of these “tin knocker” companies were Nelson Circuit breakers, Pennsylvania Power circuit breakers, and one of the larger ones, Square D circuit breakers. All of these corporations used ITE circuit breakers, made their own switchgear, and went into the switchgear manufacturing business.

ITE and the circuit breaker industry advanced with the introduction of plastics into the manufacturing industry. Plastic is the best non-conductive material. At this point, with this new advancement ITE introduced its K-line group of breakers. These breakers lasted about 40 years, outliving both General Electric and Westinghouse circuit breakers. The reason for this is while K-600, K-1600, K-3000 and K-4000 were good breakers, the company was purchased by Brown Boveri Company, they were then purchased by Gould circuit breakers, and later by ABB switchgear.

Over the 30 year period ITE was being bought and sold, none of the companies came up with a better design then the K-line group of circuit breakers. Each new company just adopted them and continued to manufacture them.

The one change that did occur on the breaker was the “brain” or solid state trip unit. As transistors progressed, solid state trip units got smarter. ITE manufactured the power shield trip unit; while Brown Boveri used the Powershield for some time, they later came out with the LSS trip unit. Now ABB, who also used the Powershield and LSS, manufactures the MPC-2000, all on the K-line circuit breaker!

ITE 5kv and 15 KV breakers were called the HV model of breakers. They later changed to the HK model. ITE HK circuit breakers came in 1200-3000 amp models in 5KV-15KV. ABB CIRCUIT BREAKERS also manufactured in that line until they came out with ABB vacuum circuit breakers, utilizing many of the same parts. They called this breaker the VHK line of switchgear.

This is just a brief look into how the brand ITE aka ABB has progressed through the years. The company has switched hands many times, but was not adversely affected as they were able to evolve their products with the times. Circuit Breaker Sales NE carries all ABB circuit breakers for industrial use. Contact us today!

The ITE K-Line and K-Don Circuit Breaker Mounted ITE Switchgear

The ITE Corporation (Inverse Time Element) started in 1895, with a series of open frame circuit breakers that continued to be used throughout the early 20th century. In the late 1950’s the ITE Corporation developed its first generation K Line air frame circuit breakers with the introduction of plastics into the circuit breaker manufacturing industry. Older model K line circuit breakers including K600, K1600, K3200, K3000, K4000 and K6000 were based on amperage and were mostly fixed bolt in design, had black arc chutes (made of asbestos) and were manually operated. These units used a direct acting series trip (1 per phase) that operated the circuit breaker on a common trip bar.

If any of the trip units encountered excessive current as sensed by the direct operating trips (which were made of 2 different metals) they bent on current until they reached a mechanical trip and the breaker tripped onto over current. There was another part of the trip unit that operates nearly instantaneously that has a magnetic pick up when an extremely high current in the event of a short circuit. A small delay can be programmed to let a downstream device trip clear the fault first. The mechanical trip device pulls against a bellows with an engineered sized hole to time delay the trip for a pre-determined time frame before the trip bar is hit and the breaker opens. These devices were the work of a mechanical genius, but required regular maintenance.

These air frame circuit breakers typically have a 50 year + design life when properly maintained. Here-in lies the rub, the vast majority these units were installed, turned on and forgotten. The over-current device commonly called OD3 by the manufacturer if not exercised and the rubber bellows maintained often failed to function when called upon over time. It is very common to find these units, a crucial protection for installed cabling. Routine testing and maintenance are crucial to maintain these devices.

Generation two of these devices have red arc chutes (non-asbestos), but still used the OD3 style trip unit. Solid units, but performance on non-maintained trip units are suspect. Generation 3 looked similar to generation 2 units except trip units are now solid state trip units with flux transfer shunt trips that use current sensors to measure current not heat. A much narrow band of current sensing allows for a more accurate and repeatable performance in current sensing. These units became known as ITE/ABB K6003, etc. The S was for solid state protection. This design carries on today as these units are made new by ABB but as a replacement only at a very high price.

ITE/ABB K-Don unit is a K600 or whatever amperage unit you have with an integral set up current limiting fuses that work in series with the trip unit that are designed to blow the fuse on a high one squared T-fault and protect the ABB circuit breaker from a destructive fault by cutting the damage curve off very quickly in the event of a catastrophic phase to phase/ground fault.

Current practice on either the ITE K line or the ITE K-Don line of ITE/ABB circuit breakers is to remove the OD3 trip unit, remanufacture the circuit breaker to like new condition, install a factory designed retrofit kit with CT’s, programmer and a flux transfer shunt trip to essentially make a K-line/K-Don breaker to the newer generation S suffix design. The design shown is a modern draw-out design and we could supply a direct swap out circuit breaker exchange for the units shown that are shown. Units would have to be much improved performance as compared to the Generation 1 unit and we would expect to greatly extend the life of the equipment. Circuit Breaker Sales NE houses all ABB/ITE circuit breakers available and can retrofit and remanufacture any make or model. Contact us today!

ITE Circuit Breakers, BBC Circuit Breakers, ABB Circuit Breakers, and ABB Vacuum Breakers

ITE circuit breakers were among the first breakers to be manufactured and production began for the war effort around 1945. ITE air breakers were originally of the dashpot tripping design and mounted on large pieces of slate, which was considered to be the best non-conductive material at the time.

ITE Circuit Breakers

ITE circuit breakers came in 480v, 5kv and 15kv designs. The original ITE air breaker line consisted of the KA, KB, KC, KD, KE 480v circuit breakers. The 5kv and 15kv ITE air circuit breakers were called 5-HV and 15- HV breakers. These ITE circuit breakers were made until the mid 1950s, along with the introduction of the K Line and HK line of circuit breakers. The K and ITE HK lines continued to be made into and throughout the early 1970s.

BBC Circuit Breakers

BBC Circuit Breakers purchased the ITE air circuit breaker line in the early 1970s. Brown Baverie Corp continued to use the K line and HK line of circuit breakers until they were purchased by the ABB Company. BBC introduced the BBC LK circuit breaker, which was made for several years and subsequently discontinued.

ABB Circuit Breakers

ABB air circuit breakers continued with the K line at 480v, which consisted of the K-600, K-1600, K-2000, K-3000 and K-4000 ABB circuit breakers. ABB introduced different solid state trip units, continuing with the Powershield solid state trip unit until the introduction of the MPS solid state trip unit. ABB Circuit Breaker Company also introduced ABB vacuum circuit breakers into their 5kv and 15kv switchgear line. To this day, ABB vacuum circuit breakers are still in production.

Circuit Breaker Sales NE has these ITE, BBC, and ABB models among many others in its warehouse, please contact us for a quote or inventory query!

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