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The Vacuum Circuit Breaker – Its Inception, How It’s Built, and How It Works

Electrical components like circuit breakers are brilliant feats of engineering, but they can be difficult to understand. Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework on vacuum circuit breakers, and we’re here to tell you all about them. A circuit breaker … Continue reading

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Circuit Breaker Safety Tips

When working with electricity, you need to take some security measures. This includes working with circuit breakers, which are a safety measure themselves.. Circuit breakers switch off to keep a power surge from occurring and potentially causing appliance damage or … Continue reading

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Compatible Circuit Breakers for GE Breaker Boxes

Breaker boxes, sometimes called distribution boards, are used as a foundation for power or electricity distribution to several sources. Frequently used in homes, breaker boxes act as a safety device that regulates the amount of electricity traveling through any outlet. … Continue reading

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Used Circuit Breakers -> GE

Cutler Hammer Circuit Breakers When talking about the manufacturing of high-quality circuit breakers Cutler-Hammer is at the forefront of the conversation. They have been manufacturing breakers and leading the industry since their inception in the 1940’s. When it comes to … Continue reading

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Emergency Circuit Breaker Repair

When looking at health and food, you can expect 24/7 service. This is not usually what you would expect from a circuit breaker company, but here at Circuit Breaker Sales NE we understand how critical it is to keep your … Continue reading

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