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The Value of Circuit Breaker Evaluation

When your car suffers a mechanical breakdown or you have an accident, unless your last name is Rockefeller you don’t run out and buy a new one, you take it in for an estimate and have it repaired. If you’re … Continue reading

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Circuit Breaker Inventory – Bigger is Better

Having one of the largest inventory’s of switchgear and circuit breakers in the world is good thing. Not only does it ensure that you will have the most of the GE, Westinghouse, ABB, circuit breakers that people will call you … Continue reading

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Siemens Allis Circuit Breakers- A Timeline

Siemens Allis circuit breakers, formally known as Allis Chalmers circuit breakers were one of the original large manufactures that pioneered the circuit breaker industry. Continue reading

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From ITE to ABB-Reliability Since the 1940s

The evolution of ITE circuit breakers as they became ABB circuit breakers began back in the 1940’s when ITE was one of the first premier circuit breaker manufacturers. What makes it unique today is that this switchgear company was bought and sold so many times, yet continues to put out a reliable, well known circuit breaker gear. Continue reading

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               All 5KV switchgear have “primary disconnect assemblies”. These are the receivers of the circuit breakers; they’re called switchgear “cell bottles”, by people in the industry. These “cell bottles” can be vulnerable during the … Continue reading

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GE Industrial Switchgear – A Piece of History

GE makes some of the most reliable industrial switchgear that can be found on the market. A pioneer in the circuit breaker industry, GE was the premier line of switchgear that founded much of the industry, which began during WWII. Electric Control houses all models of GE industrial switchgear, from 1940-present. Our inventory of remanufactured and new circuit breakers and industrial switchgear is one of the largest in the country. Continue reading

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The First Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers became common for commercial switchgear use after WWII. With the war effort, the world saw the first reset-able fuse—the circuit breaker. All the major manufacturers in the war effort had them. The industrial circuit breakers were big and heavy, mounted on large pieces of slate, which was considered the best non-conductive material at the time. Continue reading

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Remanufactured Switchgear and its Place in Commercial Industry

Every 10 years or so the original manufacturers of switchgear upgrade their current model of switchgear and circuit breakers, which renders models from previous years as obsolete. This forces plant personnel into a situation where they can not buy air circuit breakers (such as 5 or 15 KV) from the original manufacturer. Continue reading

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Low Voltage Power Circuit Breaker Basics

Low voltage power circuit breakers are made for circuits rated at 600 volts or lower. Though commonly perceived as not powerful enough, low-voltage circuit breakers are suitable for commercial circuit breaker usage. Continue reading

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The Benefit of Industrial Recycling

Recycling is a concept most of us welcome into our modern world. We recycle bottles, newspapers, even cell phones. We understand the benefits that reducing waste has on our environment. A sector of recycling that most people do not stop to think about is industrial recycling. What happens with large power plants or factories that need to replace major systems, such as circuit breaker or switchgear? Where do those hazardous materials go? Continue reading

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